US Department of Defense uses blockchain technology for security

Today, the innovative blockchain technology is one of the most popular and generally needed virtual services on the market. This technology is used not only in financial and medical fields, successfully operates in the field of logistics, but is also attractive for government projects. It is they who are very interested in exploring the possibilities of using blockchain in existing systems.

So, a really great interest in blockchain technology is observed from the Department of Defense of the United States. They are considering the possibility of using the technology as protection against cyberattacks, and have already submitted a report called Digital Modernization Strategy, which states the need to study and implement digital protection through the integration of the blockchain in the crypto process.

It is known that the Department of Defense is already testing the possibility of using blockchain technology in order to create a safe and high-quality space for transactions. In general, we can talk about the following reasons for using blockchain technology:

First, blockchain networks are trustless: they assume compromise of the network by both insiders and outsiders. Second, blockchains are transparently secure: they do not rely on failure-prone secrets, but rather on a cryptographic data structure that makes tampering both exceptionally difficult and immediately obvious. Finally, blockchain networks are fault tolerant: they align the efforts of honest nodes to reject those that are dishonest. As a result, blockchain networks not only reduce the probability of compromise, but also impose significantly greater costs on an adversary to achieve it.

It is assumed that the new platform will be used to implement the following tasks: secure information transfer between security services and the Pentagon, as well as improve communication quality. The mentioned agency, among other things, strives to develop a universal code with the help of blockchain technology, which cannot be cracked and which can successfully protect the Pentagon’s sensitive information from hacker attacks.